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Are you STUCK in these situations?

Playing the When....Then Game?

Are you finding yourself saying...

  • WHEN life slows down, THEN I will take care of me!

  • WHEN I lose the weight, THEN I will take the pictures!

  • WHEN things get worse, THEN I will reach out for help!

  • WHEN I can afford to, THEN I will take care of myself!

Life is short. We don't know if THEN is coming ladies!

You are worthy ❤️ of creating the life you want TODAY!

Tired of the defeat of the diet industry...?

How often have you gone "all in" on a diet to just go "all out" a week later?

It's NOT YOUR FAULT. As women, we are constantly bombarded by media with this message attributing our worthiness to the scale and you might have found yourself on this never ending hamster wheel!

You are worthy ❤️ of living your most confident and healthiest life ever, without restriction, and it starts from the inside-out!

Forgotten who you are and what you love to do?

With the never-ending to do lists in our jobs, family, communities, etc. it's not uncommon for us as women to put ourselves LAST, many times losing our identities and forgetting the things that used to bring us joy before all of life started to happen.

Remember, you can't pour from an empty cup.

You are worthy ❤️ of rediscovering yourself and putting yourself FIRST!

Feeling like there has to be MORE...?

You know inside of you that there has to be more to life! Maybe you've even tried to figure it out by eating right, going to the gym, going on your last vacation - but things NEVER feel sustainable and are leaving you exhausted!

Know it's not your fault! We often take care of one element of our wellness - forgetting we're a whole human!

You are worthy ❤️ of WHOLE human wellness - physically 💪, mentally 🧠, emotionally ❤️, financially 💵, and spiritually 🧘!

Crystal was having the same problems until now...

"I knew what I was supposed to do but had no desire to do any of it.

From the moment I signed up for the workshop, I knew things would be different.

I joined because I was stuck - not losing weight, being stressed and tired.

Coach Jen is here for all the right reasons and you feel it! She loves what she does and is so invested in helping us through every step.

Among my many shifts, the biggest is gaining my confidence in myself.

I smile more, laugh more, and love myself more.

I have also returned to the gym and recently my doctor told me that all my vitals are normal (they haven't been in years) and will be weening me off my medication!"

Crystal C - Louisiana

About Your Coach

Based on her personal story of low confidence and body image, Jen Bee is now on a mission to help other women to get unstuck and let go of limiting beliefs to achieve a life of harmony and wellness!

Approaching wellness in a multi-prong approach, Jen Bee has helped hundreds of women to connect their body and mind and live their happiest and healthiest life TODAY!

Wherever you might be on your journey, remember you are unique and it's time to Own Your Worth! ❤️

If you're ready to create the happiest and healthiest version of you!

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